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We need crates, etc. to help us with all the dogs we are getting in.   We really need your help to help them.  Thank you. 
Private Rescues*
* These are dogs that are still with their owners and Ohio Aussie Rescue is posting them as a courtesy and has no knowledge of, or responsibility for, these dogs whatsoever.

We are all good pups who need foster homes.

My name is CoCo; I'm a 5 year old black tri girl wih blue eyes and a tail (all the better to greet you with).  My owners had to give me up because the resident 8 year old chow did not exactly welcome me into the fold.  Just the opposite, sigh.  So here I am looking for just the right home.

I am housebroken, crate-trained but don't really like it too much.  I used to complain but now I don't.  My foster mom usually leaves me loose when she leaves and I am a very good girl.  At first I was afraid of the other foster dogs but now I like to play with them.  I am spayed, up to date on my shots and am on heartworm and flea prevention.  I could stand to lose a couple pounds,  shelter life can do that to you.  

I sleep on the floor next to the bed.  Once I bond, well, that is that.  I am looking for a home that is not super busy or active, people who enjoy long walks, like company when they watch TV or read...or nap.  

We very recently got this dog into rescue.  While she is definitely a cutie, she is also very much a work in progress.  

Her background:  she was pulled from her owner because of cruelty.  She is only 18 months old but for a greater part of her life she lived under a truck.  Not by choice.  She was tied/chained beneath it. She could not leave the space, sit in the sun, play or just run and hop as puppies do. She could only lie there, for the most part. Her body grew over her harness.  She was unsocialized and totally afraid.

When she was finally rescued, it took months before she could walk upright, she crouched all the time, since that is how she walked under the truck...

When she was first rescued, she spent lots of time at a vet's office and then went home with him.  However, her fearfulness was too much for them, as they had young grandchildren and she was not good with them.  She did not know what to make of them or their busyness.  Right now she takes things in very slowly, but she is improving.

She still is unsure of people, although she is now temp-fostered with a wonderful guy and she has become his shadow.  She is getting better about her food (she was quite food aggressive in the beginning) and is slowly learning to trust.  Slowly.  

We are hoping that someone out there who does training/behavior modification can help us with her.  We want her to make it.  We want her to have a chance at happiness and someone who will love her, warts and all.  We want her to love humans and to trust us again.  Cross all those paws out there, please.  We need all the good luck and karma we can get.

UPDATE:  This girl is progressing at her own pace; she really seems to like people and wants to be friends but is very cautious.  She is not at any wiggblebutt stage yet, but sometimes when you look at her across the room, her little nub wags.  That little motion just melts your heart.  She is in another foster home right now while her original foster is on vacation.  She is a bossie aussie girl for sure.  Great with the boys and her BFF is another aussie female but she can get snarky with the other 2 females.  She is fine with the cats, curious, but more interested in what they are eating.  She is housebroken and good in her crate.  We will not adopt her to any home with children under the age of 15.  In fact, we prefer an adult only home...
Jaxson is a sweet, young red tri boy.  He might be around 18 months - 2 years.  He is fully-vetted, including neutering.  He is heartworm negative and on prevention.

He is super sweet, eager to please and very food motivated.  Jaxson is extremely affectionate, good in his crate and doing great with his house manners.  He is good with the other dogs and mostly just ignores the cats -- unless they are eating.  He rides well in the car and just likes either playing with the younger dogs or be where you are.  

He must have lived outside in his previous life as his coat is very sun-bleached and should be a beautiful mahogany color when fully grown out.
 We are hoping to have more pictures of him soon -- well, as soon as the missing camera shows up!

Shalah is a beautiful four year old blue merle girl who is spayed and up-to-date on all her shots. She is housebroken, crate-trained and enjoys going for car rides. She has been to training, does the basic sit, down, stay, come, etc. She has good recall. 

Shalah is an active girl who loves to run, play fetch, go for walks and is a poster child for girls who just love to have fun. She is good with cats, great with people but unfortunately, not good with other dogs, so she needs to be the only dog in her new home. She did live with another female at one time but they went from friends to foes and that experience has left her fearful of other dogs.  

If you are looking for an affectionate companion, one who will shower you with kisses and be your shadow girl, then please consider Shalah.  

My name is Hootie. I'm a 4 year old aussie mix and in need of a loving family. My current family has sadly been forced to make the decision to find me a new home because I am not comfortable around the newborn baby. I am, however, good with fellow doggies! My two best friends right now are Laila the pitbull and Wally the lab! When I'm not running around the back yard with them I prefer to be laying on the couch snuggled up with my owners or giving them kisses. I also am a bit of a performer. I perform the following commands (usually for treats). Sit, down, roll over, sit pretty, take it nice! The ones that I don't know yet I can learn fairly easily. I enjoy laying around in my crate as well. I feel secure in there and I have no problem going in there when my owners tell me "nite nite". The only other time I get uncomfortable is when someone I do not know enters my home. I just need time to size them up and adjust to thier presence. It works best if the new human understands to not pay me any attention by looking at me or trying to pet me for at least 5 minutes and just waits for me to get comfortable. I will let them know when its ok with a wag of my tail or even a quick kiss. I really need my new owners to understand the importance of that process. Patience is an absolute must when it comes to what I need in a new family. Don't worry though. For your efforts I will forever love you unconditionally. PS - I do not like kitty cats. I confuse them with furry treats and appear aggressive when I am around them. Currently, I am not cat friendly. Since children aren't typically patient current owners will only allow me to go to a home with children older than 12. If you think you are a good fit for me then please give me a chance. 

Please contact:  cranger2027@gmail.com for any information on me.