Ohio Aussie Rescue Dogs

For more information, please contact person listed with the dog; if you receive no response, email ohioaussies@ymail.com


We need crates, etc. to help us with all the dogs we are getting in.   We really need your help to help them.  Thank you. 
Private Rescues*
* These are dogs that are still with their owners and Ohio Aussie Rescue is posting them as a courtesy and has no knowledge of, or responsibility for, these dogs whatsoever.

We are all good pups who need foster homes.

Mattie is 7 years young, a pretty, laid-back, quiet, blue merle girl with blue eyes and the sweetest disposition this side of the Mississippi. She is great with the cats and other dogs (mostly she just ignores them and hangs with her person).  She rides well in a car and loves to go for leisurely walks.  Mattie does not like a crate at all -- but doesn't need one.  She is left loose with no issues.  She loves her treats, sleeping on the bed and just being wherever you are.  That is heaven to Mattie.

We would like to see Mattie get a home with someone who is home all day and can give her the attention she so deserves.  She is just a wonderful companion.  She has not been around children, so we won't adopt her out to a home with young children.   

Mattie has some hair loss on her back (flea allergy) but it is growing back now.  She is fully-vetted, on heartworm and flea prevention.   Please consider this girl who has so much to offer.  
Meet Maverick, a gorgeous 3 year old red tri male who was given up because his owners did not have enough time for him.

He is crate-trained (but doesn't need it), housebroken and good with the dogs and cats.  

That said, when we first got Maverick, he was so scared it took almost 4 days for him to be completely at ease with us.  Now he a typically Velcro aussie who loves his people and wants to hang with his foster parents all the time.

He is very smart, loyal and looking for a home that will appreciate what a good boy he is.

Blitz is a young, 18 months, blue merle boy who has had a very tough life.  He was running feral for 6 weeks before he was caught by animal control.  

Initially, he was extremely shy and untrusting and just plain scared.  He has come a long way, but whenever he meets anyone, he is still very shy.  

Blitz is extremely loving once he gets to know you and he is very good with the other dogs and cats.  He and Maverick are best buds who like nothing better than to play all day.  He is excellent in his crate, rides well in a car and is very affectionate.  

None at this time.