Ohio Aussie Rescue Dogs

For more information, please contact person listed with the dog; if you receive no response, email ohioaussies@ymail.com


We need crates, etc. to help us with all the dogs we are getting in.   We really need your help to help them.  Thank you. 
Private Rescues*
* These are dogs that are still with their owners and Ohio Aussie Rescue is posting them as a courtesy and has no knowledge of, or responsibility for, these dogs whatsoever.

We are all good pups who need foster homes.

Mattie is 7 years young, a pretty, laid-back, quiet, blue merle girl with blue eyes and the sweetest disposition this side of the Mississippi. She is great with the cats and other dogs (mostly she just ignores them and hangs with her person).  She rides well in a car and loves to go for leisurely walks.  Mattie does not like a crate at all -- but doesn't need one.  She is left loose with no issues.  She loves her treats, sleeping on the bed and just being wherever you are.  That is heaven to Mattie.

We would like to see Mattie get a home with someone who is home all day and can give her the attention she so deserves.  She is just a wonderful companion.  She has not been around children, so we won't adopt her out to a home with young children.   

Mattie had some hair loss on her back (flea allergy) but it is growing back now.  She is fully-vetted, on heartworm and flea prevention.   Please consider this girl who has so much to offer.  
Ruby is a six-year-old beautiful blue merle girl. She is a very affectionate dog that wants to be the center of your attention; and therein lies the rub. She has always been in a multiple dog home. She does fine except when her “pushiness” for attention rubs other dogs in her family the wrong way. She would like to be the top dog in her family so she would do best with dogs that are willing to accept her as such. She has never had any issues with males but females with a similar need for attention may not appreciate her enthusiasm and desire to lead.

She enjoys walks and rides well in a car either loose or crated. She likes to go wherever you are going, or just hang out with you. She does have an “off button” and can be told to go lie down for a while. While in true aussie fashion she can initially be reserved, once she knows you Ruby is quite affectionate. Ruby is absolutely motivated by her love of human companionship.

Ruby is housebroken, crate-trained and knows basic commands. She would do best in a home with active adults or older children. She would also shine as an only dog (or preferably in an environment with only male dogs) where someone would be around most of the time. Ruby will be adopted to a home with an above-ground fence to keep her safe.

Ruby is up-to-date on shots and will be spayed prior to adoption.


They call him Echo. He is a 3.5 year old blue merle boy who is simply gorgeous. Echo’s beauty is not superficial; he truly is a kind, gentle, sweet soul. He is fostered with dogs and cats and does well with both. He goes to PetSmart with his foster mom and makes her so proud with his good manners. He is a pretty quiet guy, too. He may woof a couple times when the neighbors come outside, but that is about it. He is very quiet in the house; he also follows his foster parents around in true aussie fashion. Echo loves to be loved on and will give as good as he gets.  

He walks well on lead and rides well in the car. He is micro-chipped. He knows sit, down, stay, outside, inside and go potty (that’s a great command when the windchill is 10 below!!!). He is also left uncrated when his humans are not home. Why would such a gem be available? Because of a “severe blow to…home situation financially and emotionally.” His owner loved him and still loves him. Sometimes people are faced with situations and decisions that are somewhere between bad and worse. When you have children to care for and support, you have to do what is best for your two-legged family. That is where rescue comes in. We are here to support aussies in shelters, as well as aussie families.

Echo is one special guy who needs an equally special home.  

Truman is 10 months of lovable, affectionate, smart, and full-of-himself aussie pup. He is a red merle, has blue eyes, is neutered, up to date on shots and a cutie patootie. He is also a typical aussie puppy, loving life and adventure. He has gone to dog parks regularly and does fine with all dogs. He rides well in a car but could use some leash work. He lived with a cat so is fine with them, too. He is a pretty boy but a busy one.  He loves his people and likes to be where they are.  He is a quiet boy also.

Because he is a young dog, Truman would do well in a home with someone who works from home or does not have long hours. He is used to living in a home with a fenced yard where he runs and plays and we are hoping he will have the same in his new home. We would like him to go to a home that is aussie savvy, where he will be able to develop into the great aussie that he will be.  

He is housebroken and crate-trained.